WolframAlpha's Android App Now Available

Computational search engine Wolfram Alpha is debuting its Android App in the Android Market today, simultaneously launching with the new T-Mobile G2 Android phone.

Similar to the iPhone app, WolframAlpha for Android is available for $1.99 in the Android Market. The app features the ability to search with a voice keyword, includes ten trillion data elements of knowledge, and tens of thousands of computational models.

WolframAlpha’s allure is the engine’s ability to provide you detailed numerical data on a vast variety of subjects including math, science, engineering, health and nutrition, geography, economics, linguistics, people and history, sports, and music. For example, you can enter a math problem into the search engine, and it will return with the correct answer. Or you can type in a type of food, and the search engine will return the nutritional data.

It’s probably a good idea that the search engine avoided pricing its Android App at $50 as it did initially with its iPhone app (which was eventually slashed from $50 to $1.99 after less than stellar downloads). This more moderately priced app on Android phones should bring a faster rate of adoption.