The Phantom Lapboard Is Ready For The Google TV Takeover

Remember the Phantom gaming console saga? You know the gaming system that promised the world and eventually turned into vapor besides the clever lapboard? Well, the company is still around and actually have a chance to make a comeback thanks to Google TV.

The company just sent us over a note reminding us of the Lapboard. Good thing, too, because we honestly forgot about the Lapboard and it seems like it could be a solid Google TV input device.

Sure, it’s big and bulky, but that’s probably fine with some people. Google TV promises to bring the full web to the livingroom and we’re going to have to input text somehow. Sony’s QWERTY keypad might be good enough for some people, but perhaps others want something a bit more serious. After all, with the full web at your disposal, you might be communicating a good deal through Google TV and typing with your thumbs tends to get old in about three and half minutes.

The Lapboard is currently available from Phantom Entertainment for $129.99.