New Phosphor E Ink Watch Tells The Time Around The World

I love me some E Ink watches especially when they’re well made and Phosphor makes some of the best ones. Their latest creation is a world time model with 24 timezones and a curved face with steel case. The watch costs $150 and is available on a rubber, leather, or steel band.

Ultra High Contrast: The display is made up of black and pure white particles, which allow contrast comparable to that found on a printed page and more than twice the contrast of a conventional LCD panel. It can be easily read in direct sunlight
Low Power Consumption: Since the display technology is reflective, no backlighting is required. The display also requires no power to maintain an image. For these reasons, battery life can be extended.
Wide Viewing Angle: With a viewing cone of 180 degrees, the electrophoretic technology overcomes the disadvantages of conventional displays when it comes to off-axis viewing. Together with its high contrast, it allows the user to read the time at a glance from any angle.

The E Ink is really striking on a watch and uses very little power so your battery lasts for years longer than a standard LCD watch. Obviously I’m an automatic man but I’d wear the heck out of this thing while travelling.

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