A Quick First Look At The New Facebook Groups

Today at the event at their headquarters in Palo Alto, Facebook unveiled a completely revamped Groups feature. With it, you can add people from your social graph to a new area of Facebook where you can more easily communicate with them. Below, find an initial walk through of some interesting things. (The feature is available to some today, and will be fully rolling out over the next few weeks, Facebook says.)

Here’s the Create Group pop-up:

You can set a group to “Open” “Closed” or “Secret” (the default is Closed):

As you might expect, can easily add someone to a group just by starting to type their name:

You can also change the icon of a group:

Each group can have an email address:

You can also upload your own Group Profile Picture:

Each Group has a Wall that any member can post on:

There’s a new feature which allows you to create a Doc — which anyone in the group can edit:

Here’s what editing a Doc looks like:

Here’s what Groups chat looks like: