The Echo Nest Raises $7 Million For Music Personalization Platform

The Echo Nest, a music intelligence startup, has raised $7 million in funding from Matrix Partners with Commonwealth Capital Ventures also participating in the round. This brings the startup’s total funding to over $9 million.

The Echo Nest’s music intelligence platform, which was created by two MIT Media Lab PhD students, intelligently interprets audio signals and can tell when a song belongs to the blues genre rather than a techno genre. And they can detect musical characteristics like tempos, transition types, and harmonies.

The startup’s technology powers music applications for developers in digital music who are looking to understand music content (10 million songs online, 3,000 new songs and 15,000 music reviews added online daily) and deliver knowledge around this music. The company’s suite of APIs allow for music discovery, interactive music games, remix apps and analytics-driven music marketing applications.

Echo Nest’s API is used by both Spotify and MOG to intelligently suggest music to users.