Nokia Music Store becomes Ovi Music, still not open to the US

Oh, man! Its been a long time since we’ve done a good news, bad news post. Fortunately, this post is perfect for that.

The Good news: The Nokia Music Store has been officially renamed to Ovi Music, and has more than doubled the number of countries Nokia offers the all-you-can-eat music service in.

The Bad News: The US still isn’t one of the support countries.

For those of us in the US who might not be familiar with it, here’s how it works: when you buy certain Nokia phones bearing the “Comes With Music” feature, you get a voucher code. Punch that into the Nokia Music Store — or Ovi Music, I should say — and you’ve got download access to a few million songs. Best part: whatever you download is yours to keep.

You can probably see why this service is having a hard time launching in the US.