Nielsen: 32 Percent Of New Smartphone Owners Choose Android Phones

According to August data from The Nielsen Company, Android has passed the iPhone and BlackBerry to become the popular operating system for people who bought a smartphone in the past six months. Over the past six months, 32 percent of new smartphone owners chose an phone with an Android operating system, while 25 percent chose the iPhone OS and 26 percent chose RIM’s Blackberry smartphones.

The data, which covers a period that includes a full-month of iPhone 4 availability, also shows that Blackberry still holds largest share of the smartphone market with 31 percent of the market. Twenty-eight percent of smartphone owners have Apple iPhones, compared to 19 percent who have Android devices.

While consumers may have a peaked interest in Android phone, Apple’s iPhone marketshare remained steady from Nielsen’s June findings. While Apple’s marketshare is still up by a significant amount (ten percentage points) over Android phones, it’s impressive that Android is surpassing the iPhone in terms of new interest and recent adoption.