OLPC Expands Marvell Partnership For XO-3 Tablet

The One Laptop Per Child program has made another step towards the tablet they plan to release… well, sometime in the future. They’ve received a $5.6 million grant towards development of the platform, which will likely include much hardware from Marvell.

Marvell’s Moby tablet platform is already one of the leaders in low-cost tablet computing (for what that’s worth), and was already partnering with OLPC, but this will make it more solid than ever. The other major partnership appears to be with Pixel Qi, with which OLPC has had a close but tumultuous relationship over the years.

They’ll be showing something at CES, but not the XO-3 tablet, though Marvell may show off their version of it, which is scheduled to be released first. We’ll be there to tell you either way.