Ask a VC: Chris Dixon Is Waiting to Answer Your Questions

We had a hiatus from Ask a VC last week amid the Disrupt madness, and I thought about whether I should let the show die. The number of questions and uniqueness of questions has been tailing off since our launch week, and anything you do in video takes more time than it looks.

But backstage, a ton of the experts and speakers came up to tell me how much they were enjoying it– somewhat to my shock. Then, I saw that an entrepreneur who asked Fred Wilson a question about getting in front of VCs got an answer on the show that dramatically changed their business. So in hopes that there’s at least one or two other entrepreneurs we can help out there, we’ll keep it going.

This week my guest is Chris Dixon. He’s the co-founder of and has invested in everything from Skype to Foursquare. And– while he seems like a cool product guy– I just discovered from his blog he has a Harvard MBA. What?! I’ll be asking if that was a waste of time and money.

What do you want to know? Email me questions at AskaVC(at)Techcrunch(dot)com. The show airs on Fridays.