Hilarious: Facebook Movie "The Social Network" In One Minute (Thanks, NMA!)

If you haven’t seen “The Social Network” yet – it officially opens in theaters today – I really suggest you do. It’s simply a good movie, even if the narrative doesn’t quite match the real story of how Facebook came to be (hey, it’s a movie).

But if your life is so super busy that you won’t have time for it, fear not, because the crazy Taiwanese video production company Next Media Animation (Wired profile) has got you covered. They just released a new animated video, condensing “The Social Network” into a short clip (not actually under one minute, but it suits people with a short attention span).

It’s also extremely hilarious.

I particularly like the part where Mark Zuckerberg falls in love with Justin Timberlake, right after being ferociously whipped by the Winklevoss twins.