235,389 People Tuned In To The TechCrunch Disrupt Live Stream

One thing I’m particularly proud of: we have provided a free live stream of nearly every conference we’ve ever put on. We’ve found that we still have plenty of people that want to attend in person. But for those who can’t make the event, the content is available to watch, gratis. Very few other large events do this.

The numbers from TechCrunch Disrupt: San Francisco earlier this week are staggering. We’re still gathering the on demand view data from TechCrunchTV. But we’ve just received the high level numbers from Ustream, who powered the live stream of the event.

235,389 unique viewers tuned in at some point during the event (there were about 2,000 people there in person). Over 65,000 hours of video were viewed, and a total of 316,426 streams were served.

That’s more than twice as many people that tuned in v. TechCrunch Disrupt: New York in May, when 94,000 unique viewers were logged.

We’re committed to continue to provide TechCrunch event content for free via video, and we thank our partners, like Ustream, for helping us make this happen.