Our Favorite Bing Jingle Singer Congratulates Us On The AOL Deal With A Song


We’ve had a bit of a tumultuous relationship with Jonathan Mann over the past year. It was August 2009 when Mann (who is sometimes also known as “therockcookiebottom” or “songadaymann“) wrote his jingle about Bing. I called it the “worst jingle ever” but Microsoft clearly disagreed as it won their competition. Mann responded by writing a song about me which was actually pretty good. And then he went on a streak of awesome.

There was the song about Microsoft brainwashing kids with his Bing jingle. There was the Steve Jobs song. And there was the song about the iPhone 4 antenna issue, which Apple even played at their “antennagate” event. And now he was kind enough to write a song about our acquisition by AOL.

Mann is actually on the road at the moment, and doesn’t have all his equipment that make his songs magical, but wrote us the song anyway. This is actually the second song about our big move (which we really appreciate). Watch Mann’s video above. And below, check out his awesome Bronado song (though that one is NSFW). I think it’s even better than this one.