eBuddy's mobile applications downloaded more than 100 million times

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eBuddy, the swiss army knife of web and mobile instant messaging services, this morning announced that it has achieved over 100 million downloads of its mobile applications since its 2007 debut, thus stepping in the footsteps of the likes of Facebook, Google (Maps), and Opera (Mini) when it comes to the number of app downloads reached.

In case you’re not familiar with eBuddy, the service basically enables users around the world to chat for free in one, aggregated interface across most major IM networks, including AIM, Facebook Chat, Google Talk, ICQ, MySpace, Windows Live Messenger and Yahoo Messenger.

The company, which was founded in 2003 and was initially dubbed E-Messenger, says downloads are coming in fast from around the world, but that rapid growth is most visible in emerging markets such as India, Indonesia and Brazil.

We recently reported that eBuddy has seen 50 million app downloads from one application store alone (namely, GetJar).

The company offers four, free mobile IM versions: eBuddy for iPhone and iPod touch, Android, eBuddy Mobile Messenger (J2ME) and eBuddy Lite Messenger (a mobile Web app).

Amsterdam-based eBuddy says it currently processes over 17 billion messages per month and enables more than 30 million unique monthly visitors to chat in a single interface.

Sooner or later, someone is going to buy this company (which is backed by 11.5 million euros in venture capital from Lowland Capital Partners and Prime Technology Ventures).

  • Rob

    Wow that’s great achievement, especially for a Dutch company.

    But I always wonder why Microsoft allows them to leech on the Messenger network, if people login with eBuddy it means less advertising income for Messenger.

  • Myriam Xafredo dos Reis

    Let’s hope, that either Microsoft or Facebook, do not make an offer, that this expanding company, can’t refuse $$$

  • http://techtoom.com vikash

    eBuddy is goog but i prefer fring


    • Ichmich

      Since fring f*cked up with skype – it became uninteresting…

  • guest22

    Let’s read that again: 17 Billion Messages Per month.

    Text Messaging grew 50% last year. It is NOT a 2003-thing. It continues to expand (despite Apps coming into the scene).

    It is the primary use of mobile devices – IM and SMS. We should include WAP chat as well, which is growing and has many additional benefits as a marketing channel.

    Oh, except, marketing dollars are all going elsewhere — While Users are here, in the conversational text space.

    Nice to see eBuddy and Text get some love and press from TC, who all too often miss the real stories of what the masses are doing, in favor of what iPhone users in the Valley are doing.

  • Talesin

    Used this for a while; didn’t disconnect anywhere near as often as Meebo, but still lacks a lot of polish and has a bit of a clunky interface. Would also die silently, showing me as still online (to myself and to friends) but would not deliver any messages.

    Switched to the Trillian Android beta, which is hands-down the best IM app I’ve used on my G1 so far; especially so with the upcoming desktop/mobile IM chat log sync and push messaging.

  • http://Www.ebuddy.com Nazih khafaja

    I hv a problem from email & facebook i cant add any frnd can help me?

  • iva

    what are those NN… how many active users?
    the word “downloads” doesn’t mean “users”..

    I bet the next gross brag would be –
    – “WE HAVE 500,000,000 MORE DOWNLOADS!”

  • Andy H

    Considering eBuddy readily admits they *pay* for the majority of their downloads via GetJAR, this number seems far less impressive.

    …in other news: “OMG! AOL shipped 100 million signup CDs last year!”

    • Andre Sommer

      @Andy H

      We paid for less than estimated 2% of our 100M downloads on Getjar and it was a well worth marketing campaign, we are running a profitable company.

      Andre Sommer
      eBuddy Marketing

  • Nam

    and MySpace has 300 million “active users” – hahaha

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  • Matt Huggins

    I’ve always wondered, if eBuddy is free, what do they do to generate revenue? Are they just holding out for someone to buy them?

    • Rob

      The have advertising revenues.

      • paul de chomedey

        it appears that all of the advertising revenue comes from the website.

        and i wonder if their revenue is sufficient to give their investors a reasonable return?

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  • ajay

    its good but not the best

  • iva

    .. Fring IS the best mobile IM, at least for now

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    Im very intrestig this page

  • necokop

    eBuddy is cool, but lacking voice.. Fring lost, no facebook chat, no skype.. Nimbuzz seems intersting runner up.. What’s your favorite?

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  • Ichmich

    Fring kicked out skype… not only the vidoe-chat but also the basic voice chat… so why use fring any longer???

  • http://www.williamsonline5.waphall.com Wapmaster-williams Bill-gates

    eBUDDY is a nice application. and i lyk it. especially for facebook phone chat

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