Playlistnow launches Twitter for sharing music playlists. Look out, Ping.

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For anyone that has ever struggled to string together a music playlist – whether it be for listening to at the gym, a party, at work or just casually – you may want to listen up., a brand new startup coming out of Paris, recently launched a microblogging platform that allows users to discover new music by sharing playlists.

When we covered the startup in TechCrunch France, it was nothing shy of a hit with our readers. Perhaps that’s because the platform also managed to do what Apple’s Ping does not do so well: integrate social. The minute users sign-up using Facebook Connect or Twitter, Playlistnow immediately suggests people to follow – including their Facebook friends and the Playlistnow team. Once they’re on the platform, the homepage is essentially a Twitterfeed for music activity; all updates show the usual who-is-now-friends-with-who, plus songs and playlists that are liked by others, whatever new playlists are created and the new songs that are added to each one.

Ok, true, it’s probably not going to give Ping a run for it’s money, as Apple boasted some 160 million users for its new social platform from the minute it launched. But 5,000 new members have joined Playlistnow and created 300 playlists since it released the new version of the platform on September 22nd (yes, last week). In total, the site currently has 1,300 playslists.

But users don’t just have to rely on their friends to discover new songs and playlists. The site also ranks the top 50 playlists each week, in addition to the top 50 songs and artists. Users can also search for playlists according to tag or topic. And some of the rather goofy playlistnames couldn’t be more self-explanatory, like “I am sitting on the couch after eating” or “I am sleeping late on a Sunday morning”. Essentially, you tell Playlistnow what you’re doing and the community will tell you what to listen to. It’s as simple as that.

Yet, if Ping is shy on social, Playlistnow seems somewhat shy on business – at least for now, as the business model isn’t exactly up and running yet. But there are definitely hints of it throughout the platform. For example,  like the ability to buy concert tickets via Songkick and there will definitely be more to come in the following months. However, one aspect of the platform that could be an issue is the fact that Playlistnow sometimes offers songs via third-party platforms, like YouTube. Guess that definitely makes them a little harder to sell.

We could naturally compare the music suggestion aspect of the service with Pandora‘s personalized radio, which ultimately understands your taste. Stereomood and Musicovery, another French startup, also offer music suggestions according to your mood. Regardless, Playlistnow’s community definitely seems to love the service (from the comments they’ve posted on TechCrunch France). The site is entirely in English, so if you’re wondering what it’s all about, you don’t have to stand on ceremony!

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  • damien liz

    That’s great !

    I’m on it, and it’s really great seriously !
    you can find really interesting playlits, share songs really IUF !

    I don’t see any Iphone app ?

    Nice Post

    • Team Playlistnow

      @damien thanks. The iphone app will be alive very soon.

  • Alexander

    Great article! and astonishing website. I have been using it for the last few months, and as a huge music fan, I believe this service competes with Spotify, iTunes…
    As a business angel in Russia, and after trying to get in touch with the founders, I guess they already have raised money as they don’t asnwer to my mails…. any infos ??

    Stay in touch ;)

    • Team Playlistnow

      @Alexander Thanks for your feedback.
      You can get in touch by mail sms2night(at) or by twitter: @playlistnow

  • Greg

    wow !
    how come nobody thought about it earlier??
    extremelly useful, and funny (check the playlist names:) )
    good work

    • brad northrop aka bobby dang

      there’s been a lot of music playlist startups before, like muxtape, which was shut down by the RIAA.

      If playlistnow gets big enough, the RIAA will come after them.

  • F. Lacan

    well I’m following this service for a while now and it’s pretty sure to me that it is going to be veryy big..
    great design, good music selection and what a discovery tool! good luck

  • Laura

    This is such a great site!! I’m always behind on new artists so it’s really interesting you can find and follow people that share your music tastes. I think it sets the trend for how music will be shared in the future and now use it over itunes everyday.

  • Joack

    Thats an amazing website ive been using it since the first version and the second one is just awesome
    i discover a new song everyday and share with so many people in my network… great idea !! great version this website just made my life easier hapiper and easier in term of choosing songs for a special purpose…

    LOVE IT please continue in the same way for your future improvements i know you re not going to stop there… great idea guys !!!

  • abdou


  • Ari William

    Thanks to playlistnow Team,
    Really love the new design of the web…it s a pleasure to listen your differents playlist at the office, at home.
    Do you have application to listen playlitnow when i am driving!!

  • Gergely Orosz

    To me it seems that PlaylistNow offers songs *only* via YouTube, it just hides the video playing. Regardless, the site is really well constructed.

  • Jacky

    lov it
    seriously, great idea and amazing interface
    thx for the post

  • Zutax

    Well done!!
    i was searching for playlists like those ones for a long time ..
    Plus, the design is great and the software is really user friendly
    Many Thanks.

  • Jej

    The new version is a hit. I love the new focus on the social features, facebook-like type of structure. Love the “top playlists” ranking, overall very good work. Well done

  • Tianheng

    Nice. Very great alternative versus Deezer

  • Sadjo

    Great website, I use it all the time !
    Got to listen to songs i never heard of before that I love now !
    Its awesome to be able to share with other people too !

    Great job,

    thanks !!

  • maral


    terrific idea! your site really rocks! keep going like that!!!

  • Team Playlistnow

    Thank you very mutch for your comments !

    We have created Playlistnow for you, and we are really glad that you like it.

    Thank you so mutch.

    • Gregory Magarshak

      Hey man! I just have to say KUDOS – I am always glad when people create a site for the common good! :))

  • Gregory Magarshak

    Hey can I do my shameless plug — same thing, different approach. You can invite your friends and socially create playlists together, by importing youtube songs and playlists.

    I built it for my own parties. I don’t really care if it gets popular though, but if you do check it out, and have some ideas for what I am missing there, let me know. My email is at

    Personally I don’t think youmixer is social enough though, and I have no connections to techcrunch so I doubt it will get written up about. I’ll keep improving it :)

  • wesley

    What’s the legality of using youtube videos like that? I would like to do something similar. Or are there any music sources that allow this kind of usage?

  • Alvin

    Congrats on getting featured on TechCrunch Jonathan!

    • Team Playlistnow

      Thanks Alvin.
      ( Discover this amazing webdesigner @sixbase in twitter )

  • romanlk

    Simply Great !!!

  • jonjon

    Great job, but a bit lazy that you ripped off the logo

  • Erin

    I’m not sure about giving Ping a run for it’s money or not. How many of Ping’s 160mm users are actually USING Ping? Me, I came, I saw, I shrugged.

  • Erin

    PS – OK I’ve been over there and it’s either extremely buggy/non-functional, or else it’s suffering from “The TechCrunch Effect” LOL – after multiple attempts, I’m not able to sign in using Twitter, and was barely able to sign in via Google Connect on like the 7th or 8th try. I hope it’s the latter because it looks intriguing!

  • Dron

    Very nice website, never heard of it until now, thanks TechCrunch!

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