Groupon Launches $60,000 Grouspawn Scholarship And Dating Service

Daily deals site Groupon has chosen TCDisrupt to launch Grouspawn, their latest publicity stunt and exercise in strange company culture. Groupon CEO Andrew Mason has decided that as the company expands, there will inevitably be babies born off the um, intercourse people are having on dates where they use Groupons.

Mason asserts that because Groupon as a company feels a responsibility towards the children it has spawned, it has set aside a trust fund of $60,000 a year for two kids born to customers who meet and concieve on “Groupon Dates” a year. The money will be released when the Groupon babies reach 25 years of age.

Says Mason,“Next time you go on a date, why not use a Groupon? it could save you hundreds of thousands of dollars.”

And because Groupon wants to encourage these partnerships, they’ve built the Groupon Date Assistant, a dating/social network with search emphasis on proximity of potential matches in order to maximize the potential for spawn.

In order to prove that in fact customers did meet on a Groupon date, scholarship applicants must send in a picture of themselves on a Groupon date, including the Groupon used and a picture of the day’s newspaper.