Voxy Helps You Learn A Language By Text, iPhone, Email And Web

Voxy is a multi-platform way to learn a language “from life.” Voxy uses both the web and mobile text messaging to teach ESL to Spanish speakers through relavent topical content, or things that people are already reading anyways like magazines.

Perhaps the best part about Voxy is that it uses game mechanics like points, number of words collected, or times spent in order  to drive a language learner’s progress and commitment, engaging users who would otherwise be bored and get distracted from the task at hand. Founder Paul Gollash refers to the importance of breaking down language learning into “small bits everyday” so that users can “learn from life” hence Voxy’s personalized curriculum.

A Voxy user can receive story flashcards through  SMS, web/WAP, mobile apps as well as engage in real-time student Q&A, social collaboration. This is ideal for people who want to learn a language during their downtime, for example on a bus or waiting for the train.

Voxy plans on monetizing both by a subscription model as well as  brand tie-ins rewards. Currently angel funded, it hopes to tap into the over $80 billion dollar language learning market by being the only service that allows you to learn a language from your phone.

Feedback and Q & A by expert judges Sean Parker, James Slavet, Greg Tseng, and Victoria Randsom. I’ve abbreviated their names, for brevity obviously.

VR: This isn’t for beginners?

A: No this actually for people who already know a language, but actually need motivation to continue their learning.

SP: Why would you choose to solve this problem? What about your distribution?

A: I really think that this is the way to learn. Currently the market for ESL services is one million hispanics a day.

JS: What is the secret sauce of the company?

A: Media and technology.

GT: How about revenue monetization?

A: Subscription model. There’s a lot of willingness to pay for these things.

GT: I’m puzzled at what you meant by “being excellent at media and technology”

A: I grew up at a magazine company. Acquiring subscribers is something that I do.