Sony Ericsson Releases a Teeny Weeny Little Second Screen For Its Phones

Awww… look how cute! That little bugger is the LiveView Screen, a tiny little screen that connects to SE’s Android phones and acts as a second screen for calls, music control, and other bits of information including Twitter feeds.

This is highly evocative of SE’s earlier attempts at creating a cool Bluetooth watch that let you take calls from your wrist. Why they have such an H-O for miniature wearable tech is beyond me but more power to them. Press release and features after the jump. It will be available Q4 at an unnamed price.

Your window to your world with Sony Ericsson LiveView(TM)

Sony Ericsson LiveView(TM) micro display with remote control functionality mirrors the activities of your mobile phone
London, September 28th 2010 – Today sees the announcement of the Sony Ericsson LiveView(TM). This innovative accessory is another step in Sony Ericsson’s commitment to help consumers get the very best mobile phone experience through the open Android platform. The Sony Ericsson LiveView(TM) is part of the Sony Ericsson Extras portfolio – a division which offers a total product experience and enhanced mobile possibilities.

The Sony Ericsson LiveView(TM) uses Bluetooth(TM) connectivity to wirelessly pair up to a compatible handset and allows consumers to control the phone without taking it out of their pocket or handbag. Read text messages, see incoming calls and keep up to date with the latest news on Facebook(TM) and Twitter(TM).

The Sony Ericsson LiveView(TM) allows the user to control the Sony Ericsson music features of the handset from the micro display, selecting tracks and controlling volume. The product also serves as a calendar reminder, displaying calendar events and other phone applications.

Whether on the go, in a meeting or out for dinner, the convenient Sony Ericsson LiveView(TM) can be clipped anywhere. Attached in a watch strap, on a keychain or clipped to a laptop, the micro display allows the user to incorporate the product into their lifestyle and always stay connected.

Mikael Henriksson, Head of creation and offering planning at Sony Ericsson Extras, said: “It is our ambition to be THE Communication Entertainment brand and this includes being the most open mobile phone brand on the market. We believe in openness and offering consumers a wide range of applications to choose from. We will continue to develop accessories to ensure we play a major and groundbreaking role in the market and design innovative and exciting accessories for all platforms, including Android.”

Mikael Henriksson continued: “The Sony Ericsson LiveView(TM) is the first Sony Ericsson accessory to be compatible with the open Android(TM) platform which gives developers an opportunity to be creative and develop the next must-have innovative application.”

Your window to your world with Sony Ericsson LiveView(TM)

Micro display device that mirrors the phone
Tunes on the go – control music
Don’t miss out – Get instant notification and readtexts, Tweets and Facebook(TM) updates
Incoming calls – see who is calling
Make it mine – open platform for developers to add to the large collection of applications for a unique experience
To find Sony Ericsson LiveView(TM) enabled applications, Sony Ericsson has developed the Sony Ericsson LiveWare(TM) Manager application. It will scan Android(TM) Market for Sony Ericsson LiveView(TM) enabled applications and present them to the user. The Sony Ericsson LiveWare(TM) manager will be available from Android(TM) Market, or come preinstalled in phone bundles.

The Sony Ericsson LiveView(TM) will be available in stores from Q4, 2010.

The Sony Ericsson LiveView(TM) is also available in one of the Sony Ericsson Experience Packs. An ‘Experience Pack’ is a package of several related components that together create a great user experience in a certain area. The packages include mobile phone applications, accessories, services and much more. The “Sony Ericsson Fitness Pack” is aimed at sports and fitness enthusiasts. It contains a sport application for the Sony Ericsson LiveView(TM) – The SportyPal(TM) Pro – and a carrying case for your mobile phone – ideal for exercising.

The first ‘Sony Ericsson Experience Pack” will be available in selected markets in Q4.

This is the feature list:

Music player control

Play, pause, next, previous track and volume adjustment

Track title display

Social Networking Services

Display Facebook(TM) updates

Display Twitter(TM) updates


Display incoming texts

Display RSS feeds


Show phone number for incoming calls

Mute ringer for incoming phone calls

List of missed calls


Calendar reminders

Find your phone

Display time and date


Bluetooth(TM) technology

Micro USB connector


1,3″colour OLED display, 128×128 pixels


Compatible with the Sony Ericsson Xperia(TM) X10, Sony Ericsson Xperia(TM) X10 mini and Sony Ericsson Xperia(TM) X10 mini pro and most other brands on Android 2.0 and above.

For full compatibility list please visit

Bluetooth(TM) range approximately 10m

Facts 1)2)

Size:3.5 x 3.5×1.1cm

Typical consumer battery usage time: 4 days

Availability and versions

Available in selected markets from Q4 2010


· Black

Kit content

· Sony Ericsson LiveView(TM)

· Clip

· Wristband

· MicroUSB charger

· User guide