SplitGigs, a gig sharing platform that aims to bypass shady promoters

SplitGigs is a social network that helps emerging bands or musicians find gigs to play. It’s a simple idea: let bands swap slots in their upcoming gigs so that in return for letting a competing act play, they get to do the same the other way. The result is that both bands get an extra opportunity to get their music heard.

That’s the theory anyway, although in this author’s experience – an ex-gigging musician – who lines up with who is more than often in the hands of shady promoters not the acts themselves. In fact, the whole gigging system is broken (and has been for as long as I can remember) and I’m not sure that SplitGigs does much to solve the problem. That said, giving bands better tools to organise themselves and take greater control of their destiny (and potential income) can’t be a bad thing.

The way SplitGigs works is straightforward: after registering, bands can search by location and see any ‘SplitGig’ opportunity in the desired area. Think of it as a bit like a classified ads site only organised around gigging opportunities. And since the Internet has no geographical boundaries, nor do the gigging opportunities themselves, so a band could potentially hook up with another band in a different country and/or organise whole tours. Unlike the pathetic role that many traditional promoters play at the low-end of the music industry, the bands themselves will presumably also ensure that the musical style of their act matches who ever comes on before or after them. That’s definitely a win.

Italy-based SplitGigs is angel-funded to the tune of $30k and is attached to the VC firm/Incubator H-Farm.