Cardmobili and RouletteCricket: great startups, Vodafone Mobile Clicks winners

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I was in Amsterdam late last week to sit on the jury for Vodafone’s Mobile Clicks startup competition, and I saw four genuinely great fledgling companies strut their stuff.

In the end, plastic card-killing startup Cardmobili came out victorious – they won both the €100,000 1st place prize and the public voting award – more on them below.

Runner-up and winner of €50,000 was the UK’s RouletteCricket, a so-called ‘2nd screen gaming’ service provider that gives fans a new way to engage with cricket games.

Vodafone set up the Mobile Clicks awards event (which is part of the annual PICNIC festival) in an effort to identify the best, most innovative mobile Internet start-ups based in either Spain, The Netherlands, Portugal or the UK. Of note, last year’s winner was augmented reality sensation Layar, so totally no pressure there.

Here are the two winners (the other two were AKVO Phone and Mobivery’s MALCOM, btw):


Cardmobili is all about digitization of opt-in loyalty cards, coupons and vouchers. A collection of cards is gathered by the company through comprehensive searches and by its users under the guise of a crowd-sourcing effort.

Rather than keeping physical cards that make their wallets bulkier, Cardmobili enables people to have the loyalty program cards and whatnot stored in the cloud and their mobile phones (for free and across a very wide variety of mobile platforms). Mobile coupons can be passed on to friends via various social networking sites.

Retailers can hand out digital loyalty cards to their customers, and even redeem coupons and vouchers via mobile phones. A lot of Cardmobili’s growth will depend on its ability to partner with merchants for handling digitized cards and coupons, but often it’s enough to know the number or having the barcode on the card handy at the store, so another part of the story is getting people to know about Cardmobili in the first place.

Unsurprisingly, the startup thus says it will invest the Mobile Clicks prize money primarily in marketing to “further awareness about the company, and encourage sign ups amongst consumers and retail partners”. We should note the company already has 200 retail partners in its home turf Portugal and beyond.


RouletteCricket is an entirely different animal. The startup (a bunch of friends scratching their own itch, which is great) is pioneering an innovative new betting game to play on your iPhone whilst watching live sports on the ground, TV or the Web.

Obviously, they’ve started out with cricket, but the startup aims to expand to other popular sports in the future. It’s also working on making its game compatible with other mobile platforms, starting with Android.

The predictive betting game can be played individually or in teams, and can center around friendly wagers among friends but also real bets. For the latter, the startup partners with online bookmakers.

RouletteCricket’s business model actually revolves around three pillars: sponsorships and brand alliances (“play for fun”), premium game-play online (“play for prizes”) and affiliate revenues from its partnerships with online betting companies (“play for money”).

  • http://Www.vodafonemobileclicks.com Yuri van Geest

    Here is the 5 minute video of the Vodafone Mobile Clicks competition: http://m.youtube.com/index?desktop_uri=%2F&gl=NL#/watch?xl=xl_blazer&v=rFm60dV8T7Q

    Here you see the big final as well as some of the jury members like Peter Vesterbacka (Angry Birds) and Rudy de Waele.

    Congrats to the winners and thanks everybody for a great contest this year!

    Yuri van Geest
    Co-Founder Vodafone Mobile Clicks

  • http://www.technologybyday.com/cardmobili-and-roulettecricket-great-startups-vodafone-mobile-2/ Technology By Day » Cardmobili and RouletteCricket: great startups, Vodafone Mobile …

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  • OliverS

    Just downloaded Cardmobili for iPhone from http://itunes.apple.com/app/cardmobili/id369235886?mt=8 It totally rocks!

  • JasonS

    I don’t get it. How is this different than CardStar which has been doing this for a couple years? Check out mycardstar.com.

    • WendyH19

      Sure… But I can share my cards with my husband! No way I can do that with Cardstar! Jsut watch this video and find out the diferences! They’re huge! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YHOMP-ik1Yc

    • http://www.eleganttechnologies.com/aboutwalletzero JJ Rohrer

      Just for completeness, I produced WalletZero about two years ago, for iPhone and Android, which does basically the same thing as Cardmobili, but doesn’t require an account (and doesn’t work in Europe). Cardmobili looks pretty polished – I wish them luck.

      Screenshots->: http://www.eleganttechnologies.com/aboutwalletzero

      Hmm, €100,000 in prize money – I guess I could have been spending my time differently ;-)

  • Libby

    mobili sounds exactly like the EU version of cardstar, which already has a lot of traction in the states

  • nirons

    Not enough time to list all the differences but, for example:

    Cardstar on facebook yesterday: “We now have over 700+ merchants in the app!!!”

    Cardmobili has already, and not from now, 1500 merchants in their app and continuously growing!

    A better design, the mobile site (http://www.cardmobili.com/m/), which allow you with an internet connection to have the app no matter where or in which mobile device…

    you name it. Cardmobili is far ahead from Cardstar

    • Ryan Carson

      Weel nirons, that’s a lie. They can state whatever they want… 1500 merchants, 5000 merchants, a million merchants. They bottom line is that not even 100 accept their app. Period.
      You arrive at the store, show the card on the app and they refuse it because they never heard of it. Having the cards on the app doesn’t mean they are accepted. Cardmobili is bullshitting that side of the business.

      • nirons

        Thank you for be being so concerned with users of other applications. I am sure that if the application is so bad as you are saying everyone will use another. You have nothing to worry about. ;)

      • Ryan Carson

        I’m not saying the app is bad. I’m just saying that they are lying. The press-release is misleading.
        Great concept and all, but they aren’t accepted anywere. period.

  • Larry Orange

    Just installed Cardmobili on my iPhone and adding cards as I type!
    The app looks great and I really enjoy being able to manage everything in my account at the website. Thank you for one more excellent article TechCrunch!

  • Larry Orange

    Just installed Cardmobili on my iPhone and adding cards as I type!

    The app looks great and I really enjoy being able to manage everything in my account at the website.

    Thank you for one more excellent article TechCrunch!

  • http://www.cardmobili.com Jeff Seabloom

    I would like to thank Vodafone Mobile Clicks and the Jury for the time, effort and frankly, a wonderful opportunity for many, many companies to shine. All of the competing companies from the start were excellent and my congratulations to them. Being part of the original many was an honor, named to the final 4 was a privilege and winning this was astounding.

    The excitement felt across the ocean to the North American market and our treasured friends and clients was incredible. We are honored to receive this award.

    We at Cardmobili, North America, look forward to continued exposure and much success as a result of this award – which is exactly what the competition is all about.

    A heartfelt thank you and all the best.

    Warmest Regards,

    Jeff Seabloom
    SVP, North American Operations

  • http://www.dicarsio.com/ dicarsio

    Robin, it would be nice to note, also, that most of their loyalty cards are NOT accepted by merchants, so it is not very useful yet.
    Maybe one or two years from now but for now you still have to show the “real” loyalty card in most of places (yes, in same retailers you risk to be accepted today, and not tomorrow!)..

    But I guess Vodafone MC had better startups to give a prize..

  • james ross

    I’ve been using this app for a couple of months now, and it has been accepted everywhere. people at the store love it, even if some have not seen it before. I only use 14 cards but still it is working quite well. specially for cards with barcodes.

    I recommend it


  • lucy

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