The Disrupt Hackathon Movie (And Slideshow) TCTV

Picture this: late night coding, new and tenuous liaisons, the driving desire to create something great and just a dash of booze. No, I’m not talking about that movie, I’m talking about the pressure cooker that is TechCrunch Disrupt’s Hackathon.

With less than 4 hours until show time, the programmers, designers and entrepreneurs have been slaving away (or at least that’s the expectation) all night to make something stage-worthy and coherent. Starting at Sunday 11:00am EST, you can watch the frenzy as the teams deliver 60-second presentations in rapid-fire succession to our panel of expert judges. However, before we hurtle to the triumphant, disoriented end, let’s savor the blood, sweat and Redbull: please enjoy this trailer (sorry, I didn’t have time to find a creepy soundtrack). See video above.

Still hungry for Disrupt Hackathon action? Check out TechCrunch reader Alexa Lee’s Flickr account for recent footage. Below are a few of my favorite shots:

Thanks to TC TV’s John Murillo for his wonderful camera work here.