Don't Click The WTF Link On Twitter Unless You DO Like Sex With Goats

Either a lot of Techies are into really kinky things, or there is a Twitter worm going around. It looks like a ton of people just started sending out Tweets saying “I Like Anal Sex With Goats.” This Tweet is followed by another one that says “WTF” and includes a link. Do NOT click on this link; it appears that it will cause you to send out the same series of Tweets from your account. It looks like this is happening across third-party clients and on

As commenter Andrew Nacin points out, the bug is called a cross-site request forgery. Web programming security 101. It should only affect, as it relies on an iframe of and a little JavaScript to post the tweet form (twice). It seems that if you click this link “”, and you are signed into Twitter, it will autotweet two Tweets with the sex with goats bit and the WTF link.

UPDATE: Twitter just posted this message on their Status blog, stating “A malicious link is making the rounds that will post a tweet to your account when clicked on. Twitter has disabled the link, and is currently resolving the issue.”

UPDATE 2: Twitter has fixed the exploit and are removing the “offending Tweets.”