Facebook Movie Gets Overwhelmingly Positive Reviews, But Will People Go See It?

Premiering at  New York Film Festival yesterday and coming to theaters October 1st, the world’s first Hollywood movie about the founding of a social network can now also claim the bragging rights of a solid 100 score on movie review aggregator Metacritic as well as a 9.9 score on Rotten Tomatoes.

While both the Metacritic and Rotten Tomatoes sample sizes are currently small, The Social Network joins The Godfather and Lawrence of Arabia (re-release) as one of the universally highest rated movies of all time.

But will critical acclaim put butts in seats?

Box office success doesn’t seem such a farfetched feat. By now each of you have probably been assaulted countless times by Columbia Picture’s obnoxious and relentless marketing campaign but your desire to see the film has most likely not yet waned.

And Hollywood is sure banking on drawing in at least part of Mark Zuckerberg’s captive audience of 500 million — the movie’s budget was rumored to be in the more than modest range of $45 million to $52 million.

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