YouTube Instant Creator Accepts Job At YouTube

Stanford computer science student Feross Aboukhadijeh is celebrating two milestones this week, his YouTube Instant site hitting one million vistors in ten days as well as a new job, having accepted Chad Hurley’s job offer over Twitter shortly after his Google Instant-inspired service caught the attention of the YouTube founder. Aboukhadijeh will continue to attend Stanford while he works at the company.

Aboukhadijeh tells TechCrunch:

“YouTube Instant hit one million visitors on Monday, just 10 days since I launched it! The site also has 28,000 Facebook Likes, 20,000 Tweets, and 14,000 Stumbles – quite impressive numbers for only two weeks since launch! (I’ve been busy with the first week of classes at Stanford, so I didn’t announce this until now.)

YouTube Instant has been on the homepage of CNN, Fox News, VentureBeat, CNET, Hacker News, All Things D, Engadget, and PC Magazine. The site went viral on a scale that I never could have predicted.

Also noteworthy: I just updated the site with some awesome new features: autoplay, keyboard controls, shareable URLs, and a sexy new design. And I’m not going to stop there. I’m currently working on adding awesome Facebook integration, on-the-fly playlist creation, and custom auto-updating AdSense units.”

Interestingly enough, the ambitious Aboukhadijeh was a software engineer intern at Facebook when he created Youtube Instant.