Facebook Wants You To 'Like' More Stuff, Officially Launches 'Page Browser'

Facebook Pages — the public profiles that the site offers to brands, businesses, celebrities, and other public figures — launched in 2007, got a revamp around eighteen months ago and have quickly picked up steam. Some of the most popular pages, like Lady Gaga, have tens of millions of fans. And Facebook wants you to follow more of them.

Today, it’s officially launching a Page Browser that suggests Pages you may be interested in, with an interface somewhat reminiscent of Netflix that allows you to filter by category. Suggestions are tailored based on pages you’ve previously ‘Liked’, and following a new Page simply entails clicking on its icon.

As Inside Facebook reported, the feature actually launched a few weeks ago, only to be shut down shortly thereafter (it looks like they’ve added a few more Page categories, like ‘Movies’, in the mean time). Also worth pointing out: Facebook’s blog post says this was built by a team of two people — Facebook frequently likes to play up the relative impact of each employee, compared to larger companies like Microsoft and Google.

This isn’t the only thing Facebook does to encourage you to ‘Like’ more pages. In July it launched a new-user flow that includes a Suggested Interests List, which ensures that novices have stories populating their News Feed. And as you browse the site you’ll often see both ads promoting Pages and recommended Pages Facebook thinks you might be interested in.