Ask A VC: Hirshland and the Secret Gang of Angels He Has in his Bathroom [TCTV]

Mike Hirshland is a great sport. He filled in at the last second, taking the Ask-a-VC hotseat the week his industry erupted in scandal. In this video we talk about the “AngelGate” controversy and how Hirshland is dealing with the very real problem of rising valuations.

He also answers reader questions about applying to DogPatch Labs, how it’s different from traditional incubators, how much equity entrepreneurs should have give up per round, what really motivated him to become a VC, and the good and the bad of media-training.

I’m not sure who the guest will be next week, but I plan to nab someone at Disrupt for a live version of the show. Given our absolutely ridiculous lineup of speakers, I have plenty to chose from. Send me your questions now at AskaVC(at)techcrunch(dot)com. Feel free to tell me the VC you want the answer from too. Maybe I’ll do a group show.