What happened to the Million Dollar Homepage guy? He's now the $3m face book guy

Ever wondered what happened to the university student who created the Million Dollar Homepage back in 2005? Well, via PopJam, and other exploits Alex Tew returned to his roots. This time you can buy a piece of real estate in a book, which will feature one million profile pictures from Facebook. In other words, a real “Facebook”.

You just go to OneMillionPeople, log in via Facebook, pick where you want your face in the book, pay $3 (inflation?) for your face (add more slots if you want for friends) and pay via PayPal. Cleverly it’s very each to share your position on the page via a unique URL.

I just paid $27 to get some nice white space around mine, but alas it expires in 30 days. Maybe I’ll auction them for charity (yeah, like someone wants their face near mine).

Of course, the long and the short of it is that this is not a traditional ‘sustainable’ business. It’s also something of a re-tread of Tew’s old idea. But in execution it is simple, easy and frankly rocks in a fun kind of way.

Oh, and it may make him $3m. We shall see.