Tinypic Restricts Photo Uploads To U.S., Users Up In Arms

Photobucket-owned image hosting service Tinypic just killed off its service to all international users. According to reports, users in countries other than US, UK, Canada and Australia are now seeing the above message.

From what we’re seeing on various blogs, users both restricted and unrestricted are unhappy about the move calling for a Tinypic boycott, suggesting alternate services such as imgur as well as figuring out a work around way to get access to previously uploaded photos.

From our tipster:

“We just lost access to over 6,500 images that users were posting to our forum (19,000+ members)… all of them international users (spanish speaking).. Argh.. :( Those images are no longer viewable to them.”

We’ve contacted Tinypic for more info and will update this post when they respond.

Update: While no one from Tinypic or parent company Photobucket has responded to our emails, another tipster reports that Tinypic is mysteriously back up for Spanish and possibly other users:

“People are Tweeting the same thing … Did Tinypic change their minds? Are they going to roll out a plan this time hopefully altering everyone in advance; like they should have in the first place.”

We’ve just sent another request for info and will keep updating as we hear more news.