Nokia EVP Anssi Vanjoki: switching to Android is like peeing in your pants for warmth

Oh, Anssi, you crazy kid. In an article for the Financial Times today, Nokia’s Executive Vice President, Anssi Vanjoki, likens mobile phone manufacturers that switch to Android to little Finnish boys who “pee in their pants” to warm themselves in the winter.

His point was that moving to Android (or peeing yourself) is a short-term solution that will only lead to problems in the future. A cute little analogy, indeed, but one that surely represents — at least in a small way — ol’ Anssi’s view on Google’s growing OS.

Some analysts agree with him, too. The belief is that if all the manufacturers move to Android, there will be a loss of brand recognition, leading to “permanently low profitability”.

Sure, but unless Nokia (and Meego) can offer a consumer experience in-line with Android and iOS (and that includes casual gaming), then I think even the Finnish kid with pee on his pants will look to one of those two for his smartphone fix.

[via Engadget]