MySpace Loses Another Vice President: Tracy Akselrud To Brew PR

Whatever MySpace has up its sleeve for its upcoming mid-October relaunch apparently isn’t enough to keep all the remaining execs at the company. Vice President of Communications Tracy Akselrud has resigned from MySpace and has joined Brew Media Relations.

Akselrud joined MySpace in 2006 and was second in command in the communications group until SVP Dani Dudeck left the company earlier this year to run corporate communications for Zynga. Akselrud ran the communications group until the company hired SVP Rosabel Tao.

To some extent Akselrud will be getting the band back together with Dudeck, as Brew is one of the firms Zynga uses for PR help. Akselrud said she’s excited to be working with Dudeck again.

For more information on departing MySpace execs, see the second paragraph here.