Google New: It's Google News About New Google Stuff In One Place

In terms of blog networks, no one ever seems to talk about Google, but they actually have one of the biggest. The search giant has well over 100 blogs devoted to everything from general company news to niche things that only webmasters will care about. And with over 100 different blogs pumping out a wide variety of content, it can be hard to keep up with all the Google news. That’s why Google has created Google New.

Google New, not to be confused with Google News, their news aggregation property (which turned 8 today, coincidentally), is a landing page that gives you a quick overview of the latest news from all the various Google blogs. The default view is to show snippets from the latest blog posts in reverse chronological order, but you can also tailor the experience to be just about things you actually care about. At the top of the page is a big area that allows Google to showcase something particularly newsworth — in this case, Google Instant.

In their blog post about Google New today, Google notes that this was a 20 percent project that a few Googlers worked on to better showcase what the company is doing as a whole. You can hear more of their perspective in the video below.

Given the rate of new products Google has been pumping out recently, I’m already wondering how long it will be until we need a New Google New.