Angelgate EXCLUSIVE: BIN38's Super Angel Menu And More

Apparently my boss crashed a picnic the other night and may or may not have exposed a meeting of the Silicon Valley Joy Luck Club, or something. I really don’t know what actually happened because I’ve been asleep for two days and besides I usually leave the serious punditry stuff to serious journalists with sources outside of 4Chan — And yes investor collusion, as my friends in /b/ would say, is serious business.

Meanwhile the story of the month (at least) has produced some interesting lighthearted memes, including Alex Blagg’s “So A Super-Angel Tries To Have A Meeting In A Bar…,” Henry Blodget’s “ANGEL COLLUSION SCANDAL ROCKS SILICON VALLEY! [The Video]” (only you, Business Insider), a bunch of Twitter jokes including Chris Saad’s “New TShirt: ‘I was at Bin 38 and all I got was this lousy valuation'” as well as a Plancast #Plan (!).

And now, this “BIN 38 Super Angel Menu” created by Myspace VP Sean Percival and presented here without commentary.