Wi-Ex zBoost SOHO YX545 Sneaking Onto Shelves

If you have bad reception at home (who doesn’t these days, amirite?) you could do worse than look into a Wi-Ex device. These discrete cell phone repeaters take powerful signals from the outside world and snake them down into your deep, dark den or office. We’ve used a few of these over the years and the company is currently selling on a new model, the YX545, with 60db gain and 2,500 foot coverage area.

The new model costs $299 and is available now on Amazon or at the Repeater Store.

Pertinent specs include:

Dual Band: Compatible with all US & Canadian networks (except Nextel)
Wireless – Supports up to 20 users simultaneously with no need to connect to your phone to improve reception.
Improves standard voice calls but also 3G data & internet browsing.
Downlink: 869 – 894 MHz, 1930 – 1990 MHz
Uplink: 824 – 824 MHz, 1850 – 1910 MHz
Max output power (EiRP including antennas): PCS 24dBm uplink, 13dBm dowlink, Cellular 26dBm uplink, 10dBm downlink
System Gain (including antennas): PCS 55dB uplink, 78dB dowlink, Cellular 54dB uplink, 67dB downlink
Noise figure: 5dB up, 5dB down
Adaptive Gain Control and oscillation prevention
Wall-mount on rear
RF Connectors: F-type female and TNC Female
Operating temperatures: 40˚ – 105˚F