What do you want in the next iPhone?

Like nearly every Apple product, the iPhone wasn’t a complete package on day one. Call it product evolution, call it planned obsolescence; either way, it’s been a wild ride. Each iteration of the iPhone brought something that critics clamored for, something so obvious and necessary that, once it was in, it seemed almost impossible that the prior model lacked it. 3G! MMS! A front-facing camera!

Thing is, the list of oh-so-obvious additions is starting to run dry. Whereas Apple could once build their new iPhone by simply doing whatever competing handsets already did but better (or, at least, thats their goal), the number of spec-sheet-friendly discrepancies between Apple’s hardware and any other major smartphone is approaching zero. So with that, we turn to you, dear reader: What do you want in the next iPhone?

Duke it out in the comments below, and maybe — just maybe — an iPhone engineer will be reading and make your dreams of an iPhone encased in unicorn hairs come true.