McAfee Jumps On The URL Shortening Bandwagon With

Antivirus and security software company McAfee, for reasons unknown, has apparently decided the world needs yet another URL shortening service.

The company this morning launched the beta version of, which it purports is a service that lets people create safe short URLs. Which I think means that, unlike all the others, you don’t need to wear leather safety gloves to use it.

Actually, is using, and promotes, McAfee Labs’ real-time Global Threat Intelligence solution, which aims to protect users from new threats before they strike by using millions of sensors to gather real-time intelligence from host IP addresses, Internet domains, specific URLs, files, images, and email messages.

Why the company thought it’d be a good idea to give birth to another URL shortening service (frame included) is anyone’s guess, but according to this brief launch post the idea came from their PR firm and was internally championed by the corporate communications chief.

That explains a lot.