Make Your #NewTwitter Background Pretty With Themeleon

Y Combinator-backed design startup, which is a creative community for color, has the honor of being the official Twitter profile design extension. COLOURlovers’ Themeleon, a tool that lets Twitter users create customized and sleek profile pages, has helped design 2 million Twitter profiles in the past year (Twitter co-founder Ev Williams is a fan).

Now that Twitter has released a new version of Twitter with a different layout, Themeleon has updated its offering to adjust to the new interface. The startup has moved the Themeleon tool into the collapsable area at the top of the page and now gives a live preview of what your new profile will actually look like as you click around and design your Twitter page.

While you can access more than 1 million color palettes and 1 million Seamless Patterns created by the community, Themeleon is also offerng ready-made themes from new partner (which we wrote about here).