PC Gamer Reviews Civ V

Oh, Civilization V, you can’t come soon enough. Your majestic new battle system, your beautiful graphics, your charm and grace. I may even fire up my PC to play you! PC Gamer has taken a look at the game and they’ve come away quite impressed. To wit:

I’m going to be playing Civ V for a very, very long time. The freedom to pursue multiple victories—domination, scientific, cultural, diplomatic or simply running out the calendar with the highest score—combined with the wide range of interesting faction bonuses and unique units makes it almost endlessly replayable. (You may have heard that Civ V will have launch-day DLC for sale, peddling an extra Babylonian faction, but take my word for it: the 18 off-the-shelf factions are plenty.)

Is anyone else as excited by this as I am? Who else will spend weeks and weeks on this?