Is this the BlackBerry Storm 3?

Love it or hate it, RIM is gonna keep pushin’ the BlackBerry Storm line until they get it right. The original Storm was followed by the Storm 2, which will inevitably be followed by the Storm 3 — which, as it just so happens, has seemingly just made its debut in a good ol’ fashion spy shot.

Acquired by the dudes over at BerryReview, the shot shows what looks to be a new touchscreen BlackBerry handset. Be it that this thing turns out to be legit, it appears that RIM has dropped the silver sides of the Storm 2, killed any trace of color from the buttons on the face, and.. added an optical trackpad? According to the original tipster, this handset totes a 3.7″ display, 8 gigs of internal memory, and the ability to act as a mobile hot spot.

Bonus trivia: Given the AQUA bottles all over the table, I’d say this shot was taken in Indonesia; given the paper on the table with its itty-bitty mentions of hardware specs, I’d say this was an early consultation meeting.

What do you think — legit or not? Drop a comment below and let us know why.