Anyone can participate in Internet Week Europe, 8-12 Nov, London

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Last year’sLondon Digital Week covered “digital marketing, interaction design, advertising, planning” and similar topics. In other words this was not really focused on tech so much as the creative/design aspects. Which is why we’re delighted to back a week this year which is very much more focused on the hard core of what today’s ‘digital’ is all about: the Internet and its role as a platform for a new wave of innovation.

So I’m looking forward to Internet Week Europe, which will launch in London in November, when a leading European internet companies will come together to celebrate with a week-long festival showcasing Europe’s thriving technology community.

Event backers include all the right people such as Tweetdeck, The Guardian,, Google, BBC, WPP Digital, TechHub, Channel 4 and Penguin/Pearson as well as flagship sponsor Yahoo!. These companies will put together events during 8th-12th November 2010 like conferences, technology demos, panel discussions, educational programming and meet-ups and parties.

But the point is that you get involved too by syncing anything you are doing with the week. Any organisation can participate in Internet Week Europe. There is no fee.

All participants can add their event to the official calendar at no cost, and will have their events showcased and promoted as an Internet Week Europe Official Event Partner. Got that?

Who’s behind it? The International Academy of Digital Arts & Sciences, the guys who created Internet Week New York, which has been very successful. And I like the fact that New York, the closest US city to Europe, is a partner in this.

Poke London founders Nicolas Roope and Nick Farnhill will join David-Michel Davies, executive director of IADAS, as co-chairs of Internet Week Europe. Members of the Internet Week Europe executive council include: Mollie Spilman, SVP Global Marketing, Yahoo!; Richard Davidson-Houston, Head of Online, Channel 4; Tom Uglow, Creative Lead, Google EMEA; Anna Rafferty, Managing Director, Penguin Digital; Brent Hoberman, Co-Founder, and; Aleks Krotoski, Journalist, the Guardian; Matt Jones, Design Director, BERG; Richard Moross, Founder & CEO,; Mattias Hansson, CEO, Hyper Island; Iain Dodsworth, Founder & CEO, TweetDeck, and TechCrunch Europe. David-Michel Davies, is co-chairman, Internet Week Europe and New York.

  • Katie Caputo

    The website states that London Digital Week was held in September 2009 – it doesn’t seem to have been updated since then, and nor do the Twitter and Facebook pages. I’d assumed it just wasn’t running this year – surely an event focused on the digital scene would have a website? :-)

  • iberxarxa

    I agrre with Katie , that it´s incredible !!!

  • Ivan Trajkovic

    News about it came in faster than the event organization. They are working on it…

  • Katie Caputo

    It is on then? I missed last year’s, it would be good to make this year’s, if it’s on at all.

    It surely can’t be happening this week, there’s no information about a 2010 event anywhere on the searchable web! :-)

  • Matt Auckland

    Would be interested to see what’s happening. Might drag my country bumpkin ass out of the Hampshire countryside and head to the nearest event….failing that, just head to London :)

    Anybody thinking of doing something, hit me up on Twitter :)

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