Cuil Fails to Be Acquired

As we reported last week, search engine Cuil was unceremoniously shut down on Thursday, and there were reports that employees were told to go home and forget about getting paid.

New sources tells us that Cuil was in the final stages of an acquisition as of last Wednesday, and everything was in place except the final signatures. Then the deal fell apart for some reason.

Or put another way, Cuil found one last way to fail.

There are certain assets, particularly algorithms and patents, that may have some value to certain companies, we’ve heard from one of our sources.

A complication may have been over employees, which were supposed to go with the deal and be taken care of by the buyer.

Regardless, our understanding is that Cuil is trying to regroup and get the site back live, and another deal, or the old deal, may be closed soon.

Either way, at best it’s a soft landing. More details as we gather them. There are only a very few buyers who’d have much interest in Cuils assets – particularly Google and Microsoft.