Preview Trent Reznor's Facebook Movie Soundtrack Tomorrow — Full Album Will Be $2.99 On Amazon

The upcoming Facebook movie, The Social Network, continues to perplex me. I’m still not sure how they got all that talent on board to make it (director David Fincher, writer Aaron Sorkin), nor can I believe that it sounds like it’s actually going to be good. One such early rave review was from musician Trent Reznor (of Nine Inch Nails fame). Reznor is actually doing the score and soundtrack for the film alongside Atticus Ross. And tomorrow, they’re launching a website to give a free five-track sampler of the upcoming record.

Reznor’s record company, The Null Corporation, will be releasing the full album on September 28 (just before the film itself opens on October 1) alongside Sony’s Madison Gate Records. Pre-orders begin tomorrow on the site which will be found here (again, not live until tomorrow).

I’ve heard these first five tracks and happily report that they’re quite good and dark (as you might expect from Reznor). Or, as Reznor himself might say, “really fucking good — and dark.”

Reznor, who has dabbled with unconventional ways of releasing records in the past, notes that they’ll be releasing the soundtrack in a number of formats, including audio Blu-ray. But they’ve also partnered with Amazon to digitally release the album for only $2.99 — for all 19 tracks.

This has been an interesting new discipline for me to work in and I’m pleased with the process and the result.  The film opens October 1st and really turned out great,” Reznor writes in an email he distributed today.