Logitech's Revue Google TV Product Slated For Late September Launch?

Google TV will soon be here but how soon is still a mystery. But if one rumor is true, it might launch late this month with a hefty $299 pricetag.

Engadget just posted a bunch of screenshots that appear to list the Logitech Revue’s launch date as 9/29 if ordered from Dish Network, which seems to explain Google’s recent Google TV giveaway at their Zeitgeist event where attendees received the product along with six months of Dish Network service. Dish subs would also be elligable for a nice discount that would drop the price of just one unit from $299 down to $179.

Hopefully more info will leak shortly concerning the feature set and usability or at least something to partly explain the substantial $299 pricetag. It seems mighty high to be considered anything but an enthusiast product.