Geeks On A Plane's Eye On Asia: Beijing & Seoul Editions (TCTV)

Earlier this month, we gave you a first look at Geeks On A Plane’s recent tour through Asia. Led by super angel investor Dave McClure, roughly 55 entrepreneurs and investors traveled to Asia’s top markets, including Shanghai, Seoul, Beijing and Singapore, to get a better understanding of the booming region, connect with their local counterparts and sample the rich culture and history on display.

Along the way, the group documented their travels in short videos with the help of Ben Henretig, founder of Micro-Documentaries, who shot and produced each piece. Geeks On A Plane has graciously agreed to give TechCrunch readers first access to these mini-documentaries, a small window into Asia. In this week’s installment, we go to Beijing and Seoul.

In China’s capital, we look at the city’s rapid urbanization through the eyes of web strategist and photographer Kris Krug (his photo essay for the trip is also available here, on Flickr.) Meanwhile, 593 miles away, in Seoul, we follow Francine Hardaway, co-founder of Stealthmode and a self-described venture mom as she looks at the disconnection between North and South Korea and how technology is changing social dynamics. (Video below).