Yahoo Loses Another Long Time Exec: SVP David Ku

In yet another executive departure, David Ku, who’s been with Yahoo since 2002, is leaving the company. His most recent title was SVP, Advertising Products.

Yahoo confirms the departure:

Yahoo! confirms that David Ku, SVP for Yahoo’s advertising products group, has decided to leave the company. He’ll be working very closely with Mark Morrissey, who will expand his current role as SVP of the Search Alliance transition to include this group.

In the eight years David worked for Yahoo!, he led strategy and execution across a number of key advertising product areas, ranging from the launch of Yahoo’s Search Marketing Platform (Panama) and APT platform, to playing an instrumental role in the Yahoo! Microsoft Search Alliance agreement. We thank him for all of these contributions and wish him well on his next endeavor.

This isn’t just another run of the mill departure. Like Ash Patel, who left Yahoo earlier this year, Ku was both a long term Yahoo’er and was known as a guy who gets things done.

I can’t imagine what morale must be like over there right now.