Video: AiRScouter, Brother’s Futuristic Head-Mounted Display

We reported in July about the AiRScouter, Brother’s pretty awesome-looking “Retinal Imaging Display”. The futuristic head-mounted display was first showcased in 2008, and now, thanks to our friends at Diginfonews in Tokyo, we have a video that shows the newest version in action.

And the transparent display, which projects images “directly onto the retina” and makes users think they float right in front of their eyes, still looks awesome. In the video embedded below, the Brother representative says wearers get the impression they look at a 16-inch screen that’s about one meter away from their eyes (800×600 resolution, 600cd/m2 brightness).

The company first wants to see the AiRScouter used for industrial applications, i.e. in combination with wireless video transfer, GPS or augmented reality technology, before entering the consumer market. Even linking the HMD with smartphones seems to be possible.

The video provides more insight: