KashFlow launches Orbit Accounts, SaaS for bean counters

KashFlow, the London-based accounting startup, is launching a complementary offering to its core product for small businesses. Targeted at accountants, Orbit Accounts is a fully web-based service to let them “monitor, control and collaborate with their SME clients” and, naturally, it’s powered by the KashFlow engine.

In terms of functionality, accountants can customise the software by “removing features and reports, specifying account codes and locking transactions”, that’s the nuts and bolts side anyway. But, perhaps, equally important, Orbit Accounts also provides accountants with the ability to co-brand the software with their own logo and colours so that it can become a central part of their practice. If that’s not enough, a fully re-brandable white-label option is also available.

In other words, Orbit Accounts not only supercharges the functionality of KashFlow in a practical sense, tying into the wider accounting ecosystem, but it’s a smart way to sell more actual KashFlow subscriptions, which each of the accountant’s clients are required to have in order to take advantage of the service. Related to this is that KashFlow will still handle customer support for the software-side of the service on the accountant’s behalf.

Twelve months in the making, KashFlow clearly sees its new Orbit Accounts product as key to continued growth (in July we reported that the feisty startup has begun an e-invoicing pilot with Barclayclard). Michelle Gorsuch, Sales Director at KashFlow, comments:

“Other accounting software vendors tend to just offer accountants pricing incentives to get them engaged with their products. We’ve gone a big step further by developing software that’s tightly integrated with our core KashFlow product.”

The software is available on a 30 day free trial. An annual subscription to Orbit Accounts costs £999/year with client licenses for the KashFlow software costing £99/year. The company will be offering discounts to early adopters until the end of October 2010.