Need A Portable Turntable? Meet the Crosley Revolution

Vinyl is not dead, friends, and the respected record player is not without modern updates. We’ve seen USB turntables before, but turntables have, historically, been pretty large edifices of technology. That changes today with the Crosley Revolution. Stripped of the cabinetry that traditionally accompanies a turntable, the Revolution is portable, features a built-in handle, and can run on six AA batteries.. It also features an integrated FM transmitter, so you can enjoy that warm vinyl sound on anything with an FM receiver: your fancy audio system at home or that Sansa in your pocket. Coming soon for $150.

Crosley Radio Puts a New Spin on Vintage Tech with Its First Battery-Powered Turntable, the Crosley Revolution
Portable, two-speed turntable features USB hookup, headphone jack and full range stereo speaker to share your favorite old-school tunes anytime, anywhere

Louisville, KY- (September 15, 2010) – Crosley Radio, the premier vintage electronics manufacturer, has taken the turntable out of the box with its new USB portable, battery-powered, two-speed turntable – the Crosley Revolution.

Supporting 33 1/3 and 45 RPM records, this sleek handheld device features an integrated wireless transmitter that allows you to stream music to any FM radio.

Plus, the convenient USB hookup and easy-to-use digitizer software suite offers vinyl aficionados a way to connect to Windows equipped PCs and Macs for easy analog-to-digital transfer. With these features, users have the option to swap vinyl songs with friends and create universal MP3 files, catapulting vintage music into the 21st century.

In addition to the wireless sound technology, the Crosley Revolution has a built-in full range stereo speaker and a headphone jack for optional sound enjoyment.

Running on six AA batteries, made of durable ABS construction and sporting a built-in handle, this portable turntable is meant to be toted along for any occasion.

The patent pending Crosley Revolution is available for $149.95 at In addition to the black model, the Crosley Revolution comes in three custom colors (red, ivory and mint) offered exclusively at Urban Outfitters for $179.95. Other retailers include Hammacher Schlemmer, Brookstone and JC Penney.