Was HDCP Just Cracked?

Potentially big news here with respect to DRM, our rights, donuts, etc. Supposedly the HDCP master key has been released. Effectively, that means the copy protection found in your HDMI connection (which prevents you from easily copying anything going through that HDMI connection, including Blu-ray discs, over-the-air HDTV broadcasts, and so on) has been cracked. Maybe—things are still a little hazy here.

So the deal is that a message on Twitter, always a reliable source of information (the fact that it’s from “IntelGlobalPR” should raise some eyebrows), claims that the master HDCP key has been released. With that, you can generate your own key, thereby authenticating your connection.

It sort of brings back the “analog hole” that we all loved so much.

I say, let’s let this story marinate for a bit longer so we can figure out what’s going here.