Tango TRX Plays Audio Wirelessly For iPhone, iPod

There’s quite a few options out there for iPod/iPhone docks, and you typically get what you pay for. The latest dock comes from XtremeMac – the Tango TRX. The Tango TRX is a 2.1 wireless speaker dock that you can also wirelessly send your audio to from your iPhone/iPod/iPad.

Not only does this dock allow you to plug you iPod or iPhone into the dock, there’s also an app that’ll let you control the dock remotely. This gives you the ability to continue to use your iDevice while you listen to music, or even listen to the audio from a movie. The Tango TRX will work as a standard dock as well, and includes a multi-function remote so you can control your music while you recharge your device. MSRP is $179.99, and the Tango is currently available at the XtremeMac.com website. There is also an Apple store exclusive version that includes a seperate charging dock, the Tango TRX D. The TRX D has an MSRP of $199.99

From the press release:

Sunrise, FL – September 14, 2010 – XtremeMac™, a leading designer and manufacturer of accessories and audio solutions for Apple devices, is pleased to announce a prestigious new audio solution for Apple users. The Tango TRX is a 2.1 wireless high-fidelity audio system for iPod, iPhone and iPad. It combines superior sound quality, wireless audio connectivity, sleek design and an exclusive app to create a unique and powerful listening experience.

The elegantly designed Tango TRX allows users to wirelessly transmit high quality audio through the latest Bluetooth technology. It boasts a 2.1 digital audio system that includes two midrange drivers, two dome tweeters and a downward firing subwoofer for crystal clear and dynamic sound. Tango TRX features LED status indicators for system feedback, a line-in jack for connecting other audio devices and a multifunction remote control.

The free XtremeMac Tango TRX app seamlessly integrates with the unit for enhanced control and functionality. With the Tango app, users can control music directly from their iPod, iPhone, or iPad, turning any of these devices into a virtual remote which appears as a digital version of the included physical remote. The app also provides a five-band graphic equalizer that enables customers to fine tune sound or select music by genre.

The Tango TRX is available now for $179.99 US MSRP at www.XtremeMac.com. An Apple store exclusive version (Tango TRX D) includes a separate charging dock which enables users to charge their device while wirelessly playing music to the Tango TRX. The Tango TRX D is available now at Apple for $199.99 US MSRP.