PinkelStar closes funding to develop analytics for social networks on mobile apps

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PinkelStar, a service aimed at mobile application developers that allows them to integrate social networks like Facebook and Twitter natively into their iPhone or Android app, has closed a funding round of $500,000 to expand its team and offering.

PinkelStar will integrate more networks like Buzz, Netlog, Orkut and Foursquare to its service, and it will expand its social analytics tools. PinkelStar currently offers native integration of Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn in any iOS or Android app.

Founder Alexander van Elsas says analytics helps developers “to significantly improve the mobile app discovery process, drive new downloads, increase retention and grow revenue.”

The PinkelStar Beta is now opening up for more developers and mobile app publishers to offer real-time social analytics, e.g. shares, sessions, reach and propagation of shares and content within social networks, mobile platforms, heat maps, click throughs and new downloads.

  • Kirsten Winkler

    If they want to target Germany, I suggest another name.

    pinkeln = to p*ss – don’t know if I would install an app that is called “P*ssStar” :)

  • Alexander van Elsas

    Hi Kirsten,

    our German skills are clearly not perfect. We have a Kiwi in our team and I’ll instruct him to polish up his German ;-)

    Luckily end-users will not be bothered by this interesting name choice. Our service is aimed to help publishers and developers to promote their app, so our name will not be visible to the end user.

    German mobile app developers and publishers can safely integrate our service :-)

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