Nokia sells 260,000 smartphones a day

For all the crap Nokia has been getting lately about falling behind, not innovating, or releasing products that don’t really compare with the competition, you could be forgiven in thinking that they may be on death’s door.

So you’d probably be surprised to hear that Nokia still move more smartphones than the Big Two. How many you ask? Try about 260,000 a day. To put that into perspective, last I heard, Apple ship somewhere around 80,000 iPhones per day, and Android activate 200,000 devices per day.

So, how do Nokia define “smartphone”? You can probably safely guess that they would exclude Series 40, meaning that it is any device running S60 5th edition.

That’s right, Nokia still outsell their biggest competitors by a large margin. Also consider that, even though Android phones are made by many different manufacturers, Nokia alone still manage to outsell them.

Think about that next time you mock the Nok.

[image via Engadget]